Date: May 4, 2019

Time: Noon to 4PM



11:45 – Cookout entry arrival
12:15 – Judging of cookout entries
1:00 – Lunch is served
2:00 – Booths are open for demonstrations
3:30 – Awards Presentations
Games and socializing 12:00 – 4:00

Potluck Lunch Information

  • Each family is asked to bring two dishes (Dishes in the cookout contest count!) from any of the following categories:

    Main DishBread – Leafy Salad – Pasta, Potato, Jell-O or Other Salad

    -Slaw or Relish – Vegetable – Dessert

  • Sign up at back table or email
  • Lunch will be served at 1PM. Arrive early so we can get all the food set up by 1pm.
  • Cookout Entry Rules

    1. Each entry needs to be enough food to serve 24 people.
    2. Each entry must contain honey in the recipe, sauce or basting.
    3. Entry dish must arrive at the park, fully prepared, by 11:45am on May 4th.
    4. 1st & 2nd place will be awarded for each category as follows:

      Meat dish $75, $50; Side Dish $25, $15; Dessert $25, $15

    5. Sign up at back table or email

    Beekeepers Booth Contest Rules

    1. NO LIVE BEES!!!
    2. Provide all supplies, equipment & table if necessary. Feel free to go all out with the decorating. Judged on information content and booth design.
    3. Booth needs to demonstrate a beekeeping skill or give information on a beekeeping practice. Examples: splits, Snelgrove Boards, top bar hive, skepts, swarm catching, backyard urban bee hives, extracting, packaging, labeling, etc.
    4. Booth must be manned by at least one person during the demonstration time.
    5. Demonstration time is from 2:00 – 3:30pm.
    6. Awards will go to “Best Content” and “Best Booth Design”.  Booths judged by attendees.
    7. Sign up at back table or email