President (Interim): Russell Dittfurth (Email Russell)

Vice President (Interim): John and Skip Talbert (Email John and Skip)

Secretary: Nancy Dechaud (Email Nancy)

Treasurer: Mike Hatch (Email Mike)

Newsletter Editor: Scott Di Benedetto (Email Scott)

Honey Queen Program: John Huckle (Email John)

Youth Scholarship Program: Shannon LaGrave & Skip Talbert (Email Shannon & Skip)

Librarian: Brad Peters (Email Brad)

Communications: Lisa Dittfurth (Email Lisa)

Promotions: Mary-Ann Allen (Email Mary-Ann)

Historian: Diana Hatch (Email Diana)

Special Projects and Programs: (Vacant)

Other Volunteers

Calendar: Tamlynn Clyde (Email Tamlynn)

Mentor Program: Michael Scotti (Email Michael)

Name Tags: Sheryl Williams (Email Sheryl)

Photo Contest: Kim Townsend (Email Kim)

Social Media: Lisa Dittfurth(Email Lisa)

Webmaster: Mike Hatch (Email Mike)