Collin County Hobby Beekeepers’ Association (CCHBA) exists for the purpose of providing an opportunity for fellowship among beekeepers, and:

  • To promote the art of beekeeping
  • To encourage the use of honey in everyday living, and to protect the age old craft of beekeeping and honey bees
  • To provide service to the community in times of bee related problems
  • To cooperate with County Extension Services, the USDA, the Texas Beekeepers’ Association (TBA), and other organizations for the purpose of promoting the latest beekeeping information.


CCHBA provides the following services and programs:

  • Community services for swarm calls
  • Honey Queen program
  • Youth Scholarship program
  • Beekeeping seminars
  • Annual honey contest
  • Group affiliation with Texas Beekeeping Association (TBA)
  • Discount subscription rates for the following publications:
    American Bee Journal, Bee Culture, and Speedy Bee
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Buddy program for new beekeepers
  • Informative monthly programs
  • Fellowship with others interested in bees and beekeeping
  • Video library
  • Updated information on bee diseases and parasites