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CCHBA Membership List (as of 2019-05-15)
CCHBA Membership List – Expired from 2018 (as of 2019-04-19)
CCHBA Expense Form (in Excel format), (in PDF format)


CCHBA By-Laws (Revised November 2018)
CCHBA By-Laws (Revised December 1994)

Non-Profit Documentation

Program Guidelines and Process Documentation

  • President (draft)
    • Educational Programs – Beekeeping 101
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
    • Membership Database/Listings
    • Member Nametags for Meetings
  • Secretary
  • Queen Queen Program
  • Youth Scholarship Program
  • Newsletter (draft)
  • Librarian
  • Communications
    • Social Media
      • Yahoo Group
      • Facebook
    • Webmaster
  • Promotions
    • State Fair-TBA Booth
    • Calendar
      • Photo Contest
      • Advertisements for Calendar and Newsletter
    • Printing of Brochures, Business Cards, literature (NOT Queen Program)
    • Pens, Posters, and other educational or promotional materials for use by Club (NOT Queen Program)
    • T-shirts with club logo
  • Historian
  • Special Programs and Projects