The Collin County Honey Queen and Princess act as the official spokespersons for the Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association to promote all aspects of the Honey Beekeeping Industry. The Collin County Honey Queen and Princess are knowledgeable, experienced beekeepers and are available for personal appearances. They are prepared to give presentations on a wide variety of topics related to honey bees and beekeeping.

If you wish to invite the Collin County Honey Queen or Princess to present to your school, business or organization, please complete our Request Form.

Send completed request form to:
Pat Scott
CCHBA Honey Queen Scheduler

Apply To Be The Next Honey Queen or Princess

Review the requirements document to see if you qualify for the program and then complete the application below.

CCHBA Honey Queen Program Application

Send completed application to:
David Allen
CCHBA Honey Queen Chair

Applications for 2021 Queen must be received by 10/15/2020.

You may view the Honey Queen and Princess past reports in the “Beeline Newsletters” (member login required)