CCHBA Honey Queen Program Application

Program Overview

The CCHBA Honey Queen Program is the foundation for the state and national programs. Here, the young woman receives the training and knowledge needed from the county association and beekeepers she represents. She must be knowledgeable in all aspects of the beekeeping industry and must be aware of the concerns of beekeepers in the area she represents.

The CCHBA Honey Queen will be supported by CCHBA and encouraged to compete for the Texas Honey Queen. If the CCHBA Queen becomes the Texas Honey Queen, we encourage her to compete for the American Honey Queen titles upon completion of her reign of one year as Texas Honey Queen.

CCHBA may also crown a Honey Princess, who will attend promotional Appearances with the Honey Queen, attend Appearances the Honey Queen is unable to attend (due to schedule conflicts), and attend Appearances arranged by the Honey Queen Committee. The Honey Princess must abide by the same rules as the Honey Queen and meet all the eligibility and requirements set forth in this document to advance in the program. If the Honey Princess has received a positive review from the CCHBA Honey Queen Committee and fulfilled all program requirements satisfactorily, she will become the CCHBA Honey Queen the following year. If for any reason the Honey Queen is unable to complete her reign as Queen, the Honey Princess may be promoted to the Honey Queen position.

The Honey Queen and Princess will have pleasant personal presentations and be very knowledgeable about honey bees. They will travel across the county and present programs to all ages, from preschool to senior citizens, assist at fairs, store promotions, cooking demonstrations and promote the beekeeping industry through presentations at civic organizations, garden clubs, schools and at local events upon invitation.

Once a young woman is selected to serve as the CCHBA Honey Queen or Princess, she will be coronated and presented with a banner and crown. These will designate her title and the honor of her position.

Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association’s Honey Queen Program is a two-year commitment. The new Honey Princess is expected to reign as the Honey Queen in the following year if she receives a positive review from the Queen Program Chair and fulfills all program requirements.

At every level, the Honey Queen and Honey Princess are wholesome young women promoting a wholesome product. They are expected to act professionally and kindly with all they encounter as the Honey Queen and Honey Princess. A successful Honey Queen is conscientious of her obligation to the beekeeping industry and realizes it is an opportunity to develop her personal qualities. Her personal gain from this experience will be with her always. She must, above all else, be a professional young woman. She must maintain a businesslike appearance and demeanor at all times.

The public views anyone wearing a crown and banner as someone special. It is a privilege to hold this position and represent CCHBA. The Honey Queen and Honey Princess should possess a desire to promote beekeeping, the use of honey and the beekeeping industry. They should have prior basic knowledge in the areas of beekeeping, the use of honey, the beekeeping industry and be an experienced beekeeper. They should be friendly, outgoing, and able to communicate with the public.

Eligibility Overview

The Honey Queen and Honey Princess must meet the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in an accredited high school (home schooling, etc.) and/or college, or have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Applicant for Princess must be between 16 and 22 on January 1st of the year of her reign as princess.
  • Applicant for Queen must be between 17 and 22 on January 1st of the year of her reign as queen.
  • Single, shall never have been married, nor had a marriage annulled, nor have cohabitated with a male in lieu of a marriage contract. Contestants who are pregnant or have been pregnant are ineligible.
  • Possess basic knowledge of bees and beekeeping practices in the following suggested areas:
    • Beekeeping
      • Parts of the hive and their proper names
      • Three castes of bees – Queen, Drone, Worker – and their responsibilities in the hive
      • Flora sources of the county
      • Production of honey
      • Processing of honey
      • Seasonal management of colonies
      • Benefits of the honey bee to agriculture and natural resources through pollination
    • Honey
      • Normal range of county honey’s moisture content
      • Granulation – what causes it and what to do about it
      • Conversion of recipes from sugar to honey
      • Varieties of honey
      • Cooking hints
      • Other interesting uses of honey
    • Other marketable products of the hive
      • Pollen
      • Royal jelly
      • Beeswax
      • Propolis
      • Pollination service
      • Bee venom
  • Must be an experienced beekeeper.
  • Have access to a colony and the use of the bees for observation hive at Appearances.
  • The Honey Queen and Honey Princess may need to be absent from school and/or work to attend important promotions and the State competition.
  • Have access to a vehicle and someone to provide her transportation and chaperone her to all Appearances.
  • Have access to a cell phone for use during Appearances
  • Regardless of age, Queen and Princess must be chaperoned to all Appearances by parent, legal guardian or adult over the age of 25. No siblings younger than 25 may attend any Appearances.
  • Set and accomplish two professional and two personal goals during her reign. These should be discussed during the January Queen training session and finalized by February of same year.
  • The CCHBA Honey Princess must be willing to reign as the CCHBA Honey Queen in the following year.
  • The CCHBA Honey Queen is encouraged to compete for the title of Texas Honey Queen at the end of her reign.

For additional information, contact David Allen, the Honey Queen Program Chair.

CCHBA Honey Queen Program Application