From an early promotional brochure:

CCHBA was established in 1980 by a group of area beekeepers including John Sparks, Clarence Franklin, & Carole Booth (local Dadant & Maxant supplier). The charter group adopted a line drawing of a smoker & hive tool as the logo. Clarence promoted the logo and constructed miniature smokers & hive tools as decoration when CCHBA hosted the Plano ’91 TBA State Convention. Leslie Talbert, the ’91 CCHBA Honey Queen, and Esther Wright, the ’93 CCHBA Honey Queen, have advanced to Texas State Honey Queens. Early presidents included: John Sparks, Carole Booth, Clarence Franklin, Carol Marthens, Bill Johnson, Joy McCarty, & Ted Vance.

From the beginning, members have promoted scientific approaches to beekeeping. In 1984, the club hosted its first of many annual beekeeping workshops at the Heard Museum. Over the years, topics at the workshops have included:

Queen rearing
Varroa mites (a new pest that arrived in the U.S. in 1987)
Organic pest management
Basic beekeeping
Assembling woodenware
Gadgets & gizmos
Preparing honey for the honey contest
State Fair honey booth
Hive products
Beekeeping book reviews
Fall & winter hive management
Waxcrafting workshop

Many topics are similar to subjects presented by the Texas Beekeepers Association and the American Beekeeping Federation at their present-day conventions. Local beekeepers in North Texas have always had an interest in “best practices” in beekeeping.

The Formation of Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Association and Other History by Carole Booth, former TBA Journal Editor, 1990 VP of TBA and CCHBA Founder, excerpt from the March-April 2019 TBA Journal