2019 Honey Queen Virginia Allen

2019 Honey Queen, Virginia Allen

The 2019 Collin County Honey Queen, Virginia Allen, is the 18-year old daughter of David and Mary-Ann Allen. She started beekeeping in 2014 through the CCHBA Youth Scholarship Program. Among her many interests, she especially likes to go rock climbing and backpacking with her family, volunteer at her church, and is an active member in the local Fire Explorers program.

2019 Honey Princess Morgan Kiser

2019 Honey Princess, Morgan Kiser

Morgan Kiser, the 2019 Collin County Honey Princess, is the 16-year old daughter of Matthew and Michelle Kiser. She began beekeeping when her brother received a CCHBA Youth Scholarship in 2018. In addition to beekeeping, she likes to play violin, read, do needlework, cook, and spend time outdoors. Morgan also volunteers at her church and plays in the orchestra.