Would you like to be a CCHBA mentor/mentee?

CCHBA is establishing a mentor program to provide an
opportunity for experienced beekeepers to assist in developing
beekeeping skills in those who are new to beekeeping.

Prospective CCHBA Mentor Program

The following are suggested parameters regarding the
mentors/mentees in the CCHBA program. The goal is to
develop the program to address CCHBA needs and requirements (adapted from the
Montgomery County Beekeepers Assn Mentor Program).


  • Experienced and trusted adviser

  • Successful beekeeper for at least one full year

  • Member of CCHBA and state beekeeping association

  • Well-read in beekeeping

  • Lives near mentee or has e-mail communication

  • Willing to help mentee for a period of time to be determined


A person who is advised, trained, or counseled by a mentor (no experience required).
Activities to include the following:

  • Keep a journal of instruction

  • Setup of bee year and location

  • Setup of hive and stand, weed control

  • Necessary clothing, equipment, tools, and supplies

  • Stings, stinger removal, scent masking, etc.

  • Methods of obtaining and installing bees

  • Seasonal issues and maintenance

If you are interested in this program as a mentor or a mentee
please contact Edward.

Michael Scotti
Email: mentors@cchba.org